The Colorado trip

"Hopefully we will survive."- Wow! I can't believe this was the last thing I said when I mentioned my family and I were going snowboarding in Colorado. We had a rough time on our adventure to survival...This is a small recap of our Colorado trip. First off, we have Shane. He had a rough time...you know, with the bronchitis, the lack of sleep, and the extremely dangerous fracture he suffered on his FIRST RUN on the second day. The first day he also only got one run in because he felt so sick...The night of his fracture, Taylor, Kristin, Daniel and I were all eating a quick dinner in Frisco on our way to the E.R. when Blake called us to tell us that it was worse than we thought. Shane had a dislocated collar bone causing danger to his vital organs. He was going to be transferred to the Denver hospital by ambulance. At this point we hurried to see him in the Frisco hospital. He looked good, and was his normally cheerful self. When the drivers came to transfer him, I got sick and had a panic attack. I was so scared for him. I remember being in almost constant prayer for two days. It was tiring for us all. Taylor and Kristin drove Blake to Denver, and had to sleep out in the van when it was 15 degrees, because there was no room for them inside. I barely slept due to constant thoughts and worries about Shane's surgery which was supposed to happen that night.  I never received a call all night, and texted Blake around 4AM. He told me they were going to wait to do surgery until Monday when they could have a full staff on hand. The weekend went along, and we packed our stuff and headed to the airport minus a cousin and friend. His parents flew out to be with him. Luckily, on Monday night his surgery was finally complete, and he was in recovery. The Denver surgeons gave Shane the award for "Worst clavicle fracture ever seen".  It was a unique case that could have killed him. Shane is such a warrior for The Lord, and I believe that the constant prayer from all of our family and friends could have saved him.  I am thankful for His power. I love my cousin dearly, and am grateful that he is still here with us to be a shining light for the world.   
This is Shane before it all went downhill...

It was about to go downhill for him here....

This is my brother!

This is our group! Brother, his fiance, me, Blake(cousin), Shane(cousin), and boyfriend! 

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