Our Engagement!!!

Guess where it happened!?!?!? In a tree house!!! A compound of tree houses! In case you don't follow my blog...I am in love with tree houses. :)


Wedding Frills

Im not planning a wedding or anything, but I just couldn't ignore the feel of this design. I created the save the date intro for myself...just for whenever I AM planning a wedding. Wouldn't Mr. Rabbit look so cute along side the vintage floral? I wonder what my boyfriend would think...it may be a little bit feminine.. hehehe

Brittney's beautiful card.

My roommate's new business card! These are her favorite colors. She does my hair frequently. She is quite magnificent. 


Bright Tree Village

Its been a few posts since I have included some good old trees. So here is a WHOLE POST about nothing but Trees! These are not your backyard twigs, folks. (unless of course you already do live in the forrest, in which case, I commend you!) These are trees that will provide shelter and endless squirrels. Here are things that you can decorate your tree house with, tree villages, and pets that would definitely be involved. Woodland creatures are a must if you live ..in...the woods.

WOWZERS! Right? This is your view from your tree house. Enjoy.

Push pins. They definitely match that tree stump rug!

Light fixture, or that dead branch that has been tapping your window at night as you sleep in your tree house? 

Bright Tree Village. Thank you Ewoks.

I told you its beautiful. 

I suppose this is a more realistic tree house than the previous image...get started. 

I TOLD you. Woodland creatures would MOST definitely be involved.  What I did not tell you, was it would include a MASSIVE rabbit. Can I pinch its toes?!

Your friendly neighbor!!
 You didn't expect to move into Bright Tree Village without Ewoks did you? What? ...You did? Wow...but they created Bright Tree Village...I know they are a little strange...I understand that you don't understand their social habits...get used to it. Look how cute they are. 

You see? I have one living in my home. I have trained it to wear t-shirts and parkas. Can you believe it even knows how to layer for the cold!?
 Now I have helped you. I was your only hope... (star wars pun intended)

Now GO! and let the tree house building COMMENCE!

When the silence is listening.

LIGHTS- Saviour

The night is deafening when the silence is listening
And I´m down on my knees and I know that something is missing.
Because the back of my mind is holding things I´m relying in
But I choose to ignore it because I´m always denying them.

I´m a bit of a manic when it´s not as I plan it
Cause I start losing my head and then I get up in a panic
Remember when we were kids and always knew when to quit it
Are we denying a crisis or are we scared of admitting it?

I don´t want to know

I just want to run to you
And break off the chains and throw them away
I just want to be so much
And shake off the dust that turned me to rust
Sooner than later I'll need a saviour
I'll need a saviour

It won´t ever change if you want it to stay the same
I really hate it but I know it´s hard to choose if you´re chained
And when it´s all you control cause you´ve got nothing less to hold
You´re getting tighter and tighter it´s getting harder to let it go

I don´t want to know

I just want to run to you
And break off the chains and throw them away
I just want to be so much
And shake off the dust that turned me to rust
Sooner than later I'll need a saviour
I'll need a saviour

Stand me up and maybe I won´t be so small
Free my hands and feet and maybe I won´t always fall...
Save me



Its so beautiful. Sartorial Beauty.

These are a few of my favorite images from The Sartorialist. Of course, all of his images are fantastic, but these looks are some of my faves. It seems I like navy, and classics. The little girl is his daughter. I would wear that outfit...does that make me strange? I dont think so. That is one fashionable child. Wouldn't it be cool if your job was to walk around beautiful cities with your camera in hand, and find interesting people to take pictures of? I would do it for free. . . 

The Sartorialist used this image to demonstrate the way Italian men have perfectly rolled up sleeves, and back darts to allow for a better fit! Amazing, huh? Its all in the details...

How does she look so good with a pony-tail? When I wear my hair in a pony tail like that...I look like I just came from the gym. It looks like she has a blow-out..then put it back. Ya see, If I take the time to blow my hair out, then I usually will not put it back. 

I just realized that both of these last two images share the same hat...maybe I need one of those. 


Colorful braid!

French Braid with colors! Its very My Little Pony, no?  Too bad those extensions are probably a little pricey.

I found this on souvenirsofagirll


Angus & Julia Stone

Tori has introduced me to this brother and sister duo, and I am quite fond of them. If you watch the video be sure to take notice of the tree house fort...You KNOW how much I like trees as shelter....

Color Spectrum.

Why Hello there! I thought I would share with you the wide range of colors I have enjoyed on my head in the past year. Here goes our journey...
P.S. This adventure has been sponsored by my roommate and fabuloso hair professional Brittney Hall.  brittneyhall70@msn.com
A natural-ish blonde...This would be a little bit lighter than what my hair looked like as a young girl frolicking in the fields and swinging on swing sets in the sunlight...

Blue eyes...Those would be a gift..I also have them in gold.

This is a natural look I went for at the beginning of the semester...you know that raccoon tail happened by itself.. the red as well. I lOVED this color..it just faded really fast. :(

RED! I loved the red, and it faded into a color that looked pretty close to my natural color, but once that happened I got bored.

Pretty and dark. This would be my natural hair color without sun. I like it a lot right now. Natural is always good, right? 

Johnny Cash Blvd.

Johnny Cash is pretty amazing, and I have grown to greatly appreciate residing a mile and a half from his house in Hendersonville, TN. I used to see him at Krogers when I was younger, and I didn't think anything of it. I wish now that i had understood how amazing that is. Now his house is burnt down, and the deer from his reserve are running around in my backyard. Enjoy some good ole Jonny Cash...


Fantastical things.

Yesterday I came across some pretty fabulous things that made me feel a part of a story book. The story book would prpbably have taken place in a forest, and the house would be in a tree, or at least made of trees. Possibly like the tree village in Star Wars. I was always jealous of that village...little lanterns lighting the swing bridges from one tree to the next. It is amazing. So maybe that is where my fascination with things made from trees comes from. Well, CONGRATULATIONS! I have found more goodies that belong in your Tree House! A massive rug that looks like a very large tree stump, an ipod dock shaped like a log...its called the ISTUMP, the macbook pro unibody cutting board (because you don't want to use your actual macbook pro as a cutting board....or maybe sometimes you do), and pantone cookies that you will bake like a Kiebler elf in that Tree of yours. :)  Oh, and the miniature macbook pro is a business card holder...I just really like mini things, so I included it in this "Fantastical" post. :)



Don't these things just make you want to jump into a storybook? Or at least decorate your house to feel like you already have! I would LOVE huge buttons as door knobs