Bright Tree Village

Its been a few posts since I have included some good old trees. So here is a WHOLE POST about nothing but Trees! These are not your backyard twigs, folks. (unless of course you already do live in the forrest, in which case, I commend you!) These are trees that will provide shelter and endless squirrels. Here are things that you can decorate your tree house with, tree villages, and pets that would definitely be involved. Woodland creatures are a must if you live ..in...the woods.

WOWZERS! Right? This is your view from your tree house. Enjoy.

Push pins. They definitely match that tree stump rug!

Light fixture, or that dead branch that has been tapping your window at night as you sleep in your tree house? 

Bright Tree Village. Thank you Ewoks.

I told you its beautiful. 

I suppose this is a more realistic tree house than the previous image...get started. 

I TOLD you. Woodland creatures would MOST definitely be involved.  What I did not tell you, was it would include a MASSIVE rabbit. Can I pinch its toes?!

Your friendly neighbor!!
 You didn't expect to move into Bright Tree Village without Ewoks did you? What? ...You did? Wow...but they created Bright Tree Village...I know they are a little strange...I understand that you don't understand their social habits...get used to it. Look how cute they are. 

You see? I have one living in my home. I have trained it to wear t-shirts and parkas. Can you believe it even knows how to layer for the cold!?
 Now I have helped you. I was your only hope... (star wars pun intended)

Now GO! and let the tree house building COMMENCE!


  1. HA! Sophie looks just like Wicket!

  2. Isn't it awesome!! She is our little house-trained Ewok!