Its so beautiful. Sartorial Beauty.

These are a few of my favorite images from The Sartorialist. Of course, all of his images are fantastic, but these looks are some of my faves. It seems I like navy, and classics. The little girl is his daughter. I would wear that outfit...does that make me strange? I dont think so. That is one fashionable child. Wouldn't it be cool if your job was to walk around beautiful cities with your camera in hand, and find interesting people to take pictures of? I would do it for free. . . 

The Sartorialist used this image to demonstrate the way Italian men have perfectly rolled up sleeves, and back darts to allow for a better fit! Amazing, huh? Its all in the details...

How does she look so good with a pony-tail? When I wear my hair in a pony tail like that...I look like I just came from the gym. It looks like she has a blow-out..then put it back. Ya see, If I take the time to blow my hair out, then I usually will not put it back. 

I just realized that both of these last two images share the same hat...maybe I need one of those. 

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