Ombré Hair. Another addition to the color spectrum

In case you haven't noticed, Ombré hair is in. You may be asking, what is ombre? Well, its like a gradient. A gently fading from one color to the next. It can be applied to water colors, dyed fabrics, and now. . . HAIR. You may look at this and say "What Tha Hair?" It looks like she has horrible roots. My reply to that is "EXACTLY!!" How edgy is that.  You spend lots of money to look fashionably rebellious. I LIKE IT!!  What would one say about this treatment in the land of cheerleading, where roots are criticized?

And you know what.  Normal ombre hair just isn't good enough anymore.  So we will venture into the land of Colorful Ombre hair!!! JUMP FOR JOY AT ALL THE COLORS!!!! Yippee!!!

Rumi Neely (of course)

Found at The Sartorialist

Pandora Blogger

Lily Aldridge

So, What do you think so far?! You WANT MORE!!?? GREAT!

Pick your color, and go for it.  
I know you want to.
I will be sure to post it as soon as it happens. 

Did you see what I did just then? hehe

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