Noodles, Poodles, and Tootles are inhabiting my hair-do. 



A Thank you note for creating the great outdoors.

Love is a Commandment.

To remind me when I get stuck in my own bubble of a busy life that the greatest thing of all is to love people. Everyone needs love. My life is insignificant without sharing it.


Peachy Peachy

This weekend I shot the photos for a new organization called Peachy Peachy. Peachy Peachy equips orphan girls in Uganda to fund their own education. In school, they learn to sew and crochet, and use their class time to make fashion accessories for girls and women of all ages. These items are sold here in the U.S. and all profits are sent back to the girls. Hope Today: They learn valuable craft and business skills. Hope Tomorrow: As the girls grow and eventually leave the orphanage, they will have savings to fund their university education..
Shopping that gives back? That is snazzy. Here are some shots.


This Guy. I like.

I am quite fond of Thor. This is something I created REALLY fast. I had to get it out of my brain. Silly Thor and his Rainbow Bridge.