Spontaneous Saturday Adventures

What a great weekend adventure for Daniel, Tori and I. We decided last minute to take a hiking trip on Saturday. I attempted to call Tori about 10 times to wake her up with no avail, so Daniel and I went over to knock on her door until she answered. After leaving a little late for a destination hike, we drove to Savage Gulf Natural State Area. None of our phones were well charged (part 1 of a horror movie) and we ended up at a dead end thanks to a not-so-accurate google maps. (part 2 of the horror movie) This dead end was clearly someone's farm (part 3). We got back in the car and discovered where we actually needed to be. Our gas needle kept wavering in accuracy (4) so we filled up when we came across a functioning station.  Once we got to the trail heads we had a great time. It was a little chilly and windy, but that meant the trails weren't crowded. The day was perfect.
Man, I love nature, but I don't like those creepy mountain towns.


Brave the Cold & Remain Cozy.

It's getting colder which means our clothes need to be warmer. Here are some pieces that might actually help you anticipate the cold season. The LL Bean Maine Hunting boot will definitely help. Bring it on. I'll be ready.

LL Bean Signature Men's Cardigan

Source: last.fm via Beata on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Lauren on Pinterest