Treehouse Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, which means it is a day to celebrate trees and people who make homes of them! Actually, I randomly decided that Tuesdays would be a good day for tree tributes... Prepare to be amazed. 

I love the mushrooms in the front. 

This tree house is so cozy that a family could be playing scrabble inside right now!

It looks like my painting! The painting that I sold to a history professor who thought it was wonderful! She said "It looks like fairies could fly out from behind the trees". . . I was amazed at how right she was!

Super creative coat rack! (or hooded-cape rack if you are an Ewok) 

Salt and Pepper shakers!! :) 

Indoor Treehouse!?!? Heck yea!

The only bad thing about a tree house right now. . . Cicadas. They would most definitely disturb your normally peaceful habitat. Sure you would be gifted by a humming lullaby, but you may also be gifted with these creepers in your bed with you. . .
Maybe its best to stick to the indoor treehouse at least for the next month. :)


Hatch Show Print. Reason 236 for why it's good to live in Music City.

How is it that I have grown up in Nasvhille and never been inside Hatch Show Print?  Even worse is the fact that I am about to be a graduate in Graphic Design without having ever been to Hatch Show Print? ...until today!  Today I took a short field trip during a lunch break with coworkers, and it. was. AWESOME! The wall of type is drool-worthy.  The only downside is having to pick just a few.  Perfectly priced from 8 to 25 bucks, you want to take home all of them.  So if you are not from Nashville (or even if you are) and you happen to be on Broadway, I recommend you pick up a poster.  

The beginning of my collection! 

Nashville flood relief.


Enchanted Forrest/Fairytale Wedding

I have a love for tree houses, design, luxe details, and girly accents. Why not combine them all.  I cant find one wedding that has everything I am looking for, so I am just going to have to assemble it to my liking.  It would be a combination of cinderella, peter pan, vintage, crafts, and my fiance looking dapper and Prince Charming-like in is officer uniform.

Maybe add some Fern Gully in the mix.

Lothlorian. Lord of the Rings. What? It is no geekier than Bright Tree Villiage, is it?

Now bring on the lace long sleeves!!

Lace sleeves. 

Grace Kelly

The shoes I just purchased. . . now its time to add some pizazz.

Peony Boquete. My favorite flower.


Feng Shui

Work Spaces, bedrooms, and organizing ideas that I hope to utilize one day.

I think my future husband would like the wall art above. 

Military container. Pretty cool.

Senior Design Show

It's almost over. All of it. I finally am sitting in my room having a relaxing weekend without the stress of senior show looming over me. I graduate in six days. The only thing left is clean up, and a final paper in art history. This was the final product of my senior design show. 130 silkscreened bags with hangtags, an interactive ballet barre with the correct feet positions on the floor, posters, magazine ad, postcards, "How to make a tutu" brochure for people to take, business cards, a tutu, and my thesis.