I Can Not Wait.

Snowboarding has been on my mind a lot lately. It prompted me to create this snowboard poster art.
I hope you like it!


September Twenty Ninth.

This is about a day early, but I got excited. Happy 24th birthday lovely Fiancé!


My Business Card

The new card, but obviously that is not my actual number. You can't have that unless I give you my card.


Vintage Plaid is Hunting Plaid.

This curiosity in vintage plaid began the other night while I was watching Me & Orson Welles. I was slightly captivated by the unique "buffalo plaid" in orange and brown that Zac Effron is wearing. I wanted to know where it came from. . .

 Then, BAM! Thor: The god of Thunder himself in a very similar coat! Diversity? Yes!

I began thinking the only thing that would make this more impressionable was if Ryan Gosling wore it. .

After much "googling" came up blank, I turned to my father. I asked "What is this plaid!?"
His answer: "That is vintage. We used to wear that to hunt. It was thought that deer couldn't see it, but the hunters couldn't either cuz people still got killed.  I used to own some of those"

Of course he did.

where are they now?


Oh well. . . Let's move forward. So the only place I can find this coat in any color other
than "lumberjack red/black" is on ebay. I bet they smell vintage. . So if questionable ebay attire is not your thing, here are some more vintage and current hunting looks. Brought to you in very expensive forms. JCrew is clearly getting on the bandwagon:

You can purchase this here. For $749. . .

Filson: The prestigious goods. The real goods. The durable goods. 

Maybe you aren't much of a hunter? Don't worry. You can wear it to do other things:

I was going to ask you to inform me if you find them in a store, but Daniel isn't too fond of this burnt orange buffalo plaid. Sad day. Im over it. The movies can keep their costumes. 

My Wish List!

Oh Look! A wish list, coincidentally close to my Birthday. . .
You are distracted by the baby otter, aren't you? 

Treehouse Living
Volcom Battle Stretch Snowboard Pant (Small)
You Can Purchase Here! (Its on backorder, so get it early! :)

Buy it on Amazon.


Bride's Maids in Layers of Texture?

I have been thinking a lot lately about what kind of wedding garb I should put my favorite girls in. I know that one dress for all of them just won't add the levels of dimension I envision. I want the pictures to look as though you could touch it and feel what it felt like to be there. This means that the textures of the fabrics, flowers and decorations would be the most important aspect. Sequins would capture the lantern light and create a cozy environment, especially when mixed with soft knits and wool. Picture this: Wool tights, chiffon skirts, Sequin tops. . . YES! Everyone would be able to select something that they feel most comfortable in. Fun. Foxy. Fashionable!


Lovely Logo Love.

I made this pretty sweet logo for my fashionable pal, Christina. You can find her blog here.


Forest Wedding.

Bring on the fog and fairy lights.
Oh! By the way! I purchased my dress today. It sings to me.
The end.


10 Years.

where we were | the questions | the families lost | the sadness | the fear | the anger | the courage | the hope


Portal Poster. (I'd rather be in the forest)

So, there is this game called Portal with a really catchy song at the end. You can listen to it underneath if you want. I couldn't get the lyrics "for the people who are still alive" out of my head. So I made a poster. If you can't beat em, join em. . . Right?