Project Yosemite

This video is absolutely stunning. How amazing is this planet? How amazing is God's power? How small do you feel? The song by M83 is a perfect match to the majesty and wonder of nature in high definition. Watch and be amazed.

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

photo 4

20111106_Yosemite Valley_518 (1)


Watch you like a hawk. . .

My dad got a new lens for Christmas, and he utilizes it by watching our backyard for beautiful birds, graceful deer, and the occasional ground hog. This is his hawk. Perched upon a limb. Waiting to strike.


Creative Day

This Saturday I had a creative day with my friends Katie and Justin. My cousins and fee-awn-say tagged along as subjects. We were quite cold, but we had a great time! It is always a blessing to have friends that challenge you in your field. On Saturday I gained new goals and knowledge, so I say it was pretty productive. Thanks guys!