Down by the River.

My cousin dyed her hair to a teal ombré and I needed to document it. This is what we came up with. Isn't it wonderful!? 

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Slumberland. Thanks for the damaged psyche

I have spent most of my adult life knowing that there was a movie I watched as a child that created fears and dreams. The title of the movie was lost, along with the basic story line. Today I searched and googled until I came across someone else in search of the same exact movie. The only description they could give was strangely similar to mine. We both remembered only a blimp, and a dark storm. It is called "Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland".  This movie starts off so happy and magical, but somewhere along the way (without you realizing it), it becomes evil and scary. You wronged me as a child, Slumberland. With your colorful promise of hope and gift of nightmares. 

Flip: Nemo thinks he is his friend. I strongly dislike this Flip. 

Icarus, Nemo, and Flip.

Im not positive, but I am pretty sure this scene drastically impacted me as a child. Hello creepy red eyes amongst the clouds. Thanks for ruining the happy adventure in the blimp there, bub. 


Miss you.

Its like a creepy scrapbook. 


I thought I would share this little piece of art I created today.
"Art!? But its just your name!" you say?
Ah, yes. . . but you must appreciate something called typography. Its cute. The end. 


The thing about being a designer is. . .

You can always change your logo. . . but the bad thing about that is - that your logo is always changing. I made this green and grey logo recently, but it just didn't make me excited. I stared at it and began to hate it, actually.

Sometimes when you finish creating something, it gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. I get that feeling when I look at this. WAY more me. The color will be a variable to change frequently with my mood. 

Did you catch the tree theme!?!??! 
That is NOT changing any time soon. mwahahaha.

The other thing about being a designer is that I find these types of things severely amusing or beautiful:

Pantone tattoo.

Sarah 7.17.11