Fantastical things.

Yesterday I came across some pretty fabulous things that made me feel a part of a story book. The story book would prpbably have taken place in a forest, and the house would be in a tree, or at least made of trees. Possibly like the tree village in Star Wars. I was always jealous of that village...little lanterns lighting the swing bridges from one tree to the next. It is amazing. So maybe that is where my fascination with things made from trees comes from. Well, CONGRATULATIONS! I have found more goodies that belong in your Tree House! A massive rug that looks like a very large tree stump, an ipod dock shaped like a log...its called the ISTUMP, the macbook pro unibody cutting board (because you don't want to use your actual macbook pro as a cutting board....or maybe sometimes you do), and pantone cookies that you will bake like a Kiebler elf in that Tree of yours. :)  Oh, and the miniature macbook pro is a business card holder...I just really like mini things, so I included it in this "Fantastical" post. :)

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