Victory Rolls and Vintage

I have posted before about my cousin and I playing dress up. Well, here we go again. This time we dabbled in the kind-of-complicated Victory Roll. The tutorials on YouTube make it look so easy, but it took us (aka Tori, because I couldn't get it right) many re-dos before the angle was correct. 

I think they turned out pretty amazing! If you try this, however, get your shower cap handy, because you are NOT going to want to wash it out after one wear. Especially after you work so hard. 

The Art of Flight

It's a little early, but get ready for some snow! This video is so beautifully shot. It pains my heart a little that it is so hot outside. Give me some frozen & fluffy water.


Happy Birthday!

I would like to take this time to wish Tori and Donna happy birthday. In honor of this, I have some pictures of my lovely cousin.


Videos. Art.

I have been feeling inspired today. It may have something to do with my friend Katie having the goods to shoot video, our incessant yearning to learn, or the "Crazy.stupid.love" soundtrack. . Either way, I couldn't shake it. I hope these videos inspire you as well.

Found at VsTheBrain.

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

The GRID from Tomas Markevičius on Vimeo.


BNP Paribas TVC feat. The Middle East's 'Blood' from gaga on Vimeo.


Fly Far Away!

The things I do when I come home from work. . .
This kind of defines my blog, dont'cha think? 
Who else has fond memories of the flashing pink screen that warns you as the duck will soon fly far away. Out of your scope forever. Mocking you with its cackle that you were not fast enough today. 

created by me.

Neutral Tone Designs

Fluffy Nature

Hydrangeas from my backyard:


Balmain Boys.

Balmain makes pretty awesome guys' clothing. I love the fit of ALL of it. Its like a mix of British Rock & Video game character.

Cowboys and Aliens = Ponchos and Shoulder Pads.

1. Western Poncho- topshop.com
2. Gritty West.
3. Balmain FFW 11
4. Balmain
5. Balmain FFW11
6. Floppy Brim Fedora -Rag & Bone.

Forest Fashion: Hoods, Capes, and Knits.

As the summer heat swelters on, I dream of a colder time. I dream of crisp air that I can breathe in without drowning on the humidity. With these dreams of cooler weather come dreams of fall fashion. The layers of coziness to keep you warm on your walk to work. One of the things I am lacking is a good hood. Designers skimp in the hood region. Have you ever noticed? How many jackets do you own that have a hood too small to actually cover your head? I know I have many. It angers me. Size matters as far as hoods go. Go big or go home. USE MORE FABRIC! A small hood is like buying a bike without brakes. You can use it, but when things get intense you realize you could really use that extra component.
Ok. . .So maybe its not that bad. At least a jacket sans hood doesn't kill you, but you get the idea. If nobody caters to my larger-than-life hood needs, then I will be forced to make one myself. I NEED to be completely concealed from the Ringwraiths when they come looking for the "One Ring to Rule Them All". . . Here is my collection of great hoods:

 So now you have the hood covered. What comes next? Find out!


The Enchanted Forest

Look! A princess attempting to find her way through the enchanted forest. Will she run into magical creatures with musical voices, or an evil sadistic queen. . .

It appears that she found an alien spaceship. She stares into the bright light as the mysterious beings emerge from the craft.