Nashville at Night

The Renaissance Hotel, The Hermitage Hotel, Broadway, The Parthenon, and Love Circle. We were on a search for the best view of downtown. We attempted to get to the rooftop of the Renaissance Hotel, but turned back after passing a camera facing right at us as we ascended the restricted staircase on the top five floors. We tried to find the top of the Hermitage Hotel, but almost got locked in the staircase of the creepy supposedly haunted old building. Here are some pictures of our adventures.


More Ballerinas take to the field.

I have been so consumed by this senior project about ballet, tutus, all things pink, and scripts. Last night I actually dreamed about slaving away in the print room at school, spending all night watching my papers come out of the printer and absolutely hating the way they looked. It was a nightmare. So needless to say, I am quite fearful of that process coming up. Here are some of my beautiful friends who posed for my project! In case you think there is something strange going on, I will tell you that they are related. 


You can vote for us to have a fairytale wedding. . .

I have entered Daniel and I in the Ultimate Wedding Contest by Crate & Barrel. You can go vote for us if you'd like... :)

This is Daniel giving you the Im-gonna-be-so-disappointed-if-you-don't-click-that-link-look.

If you would like your invitation to be to a shin-dig like the one below, then you need to go VOTE FOR US. . . because otherwise, it would be way too expensive. . . Which is strange for a barn and grass, but you would be oh-so surprised.  Just remember! You could be joining the fun. As long as we aren't paying for all that fun, then you can have all the fun you want in the forrest or the barn. 


Home decorating that makes me want to jump around.

TREE HOUSE ALERT. I would like to send those two a letter of high regard for taking a small yard and small tree, and turning it into a little niche of lovely!! 

Dreamy design office. 


Design edition of Scrabble!

The A1 designer scrabble. Its only a concept, which is a shame. I would totally buy it 


When kids could play outside.

I was sitting here watching Adventureland, and the carnival setting of the movie made me think of Sandlot. Does anybody get a warm and fuzzy feeling thinking about the group of boys running around their neighborhood until dark? Its so happy. The parents' only concerns were about the baseball that went missing, not their children. I used to love playing outside, and I loved the movie The Sandlot. If I owned a time machine, I would go back to that era (take a friend with me), and run around town buying soda pop and riding bikes. . . and building tree house forts!!!! You had to know it was coming.. right!? 

This is probably the best description of what playgrounds look like now... Bad things always happen at playgrounds in the movies these days...



Inspiration...AKA I should be studying, but instead Im looking at pretty things.

Hello. I promise I am not already planning my wedding.  I just can't help but research dresses and shoes, in case I come across a couple during my deal scouting of shopping trips. What if I find the PERFECT whisper pink satin shoe? Or the perfect white satin shoe in which I can paint to bottoms blue. :) and YES. I will do it myself. I will feature a DIY on this when I find the perfect pair...I have various shoes that I have found for (five, ten, and fifteen) low dollar amounts and painted the soles a beautiful, shiny, red. I was stopped in Whole Foods one time and told "woa. those are beautiful shoes...I saw them from the opposite side of the aisle.." :) I had an inner celebration, because they were, quite possibly, the cheapest pair of shoes in my closet. (Happy Dance). 
Anyways, here are some things I find beautiful, and hope to draw inspiration from when the wedding planning does, officially, commence. 

I WILL have a fairy flower girl. Wouldn't she look cute in a tree house? ;)
There is more after the break. . . 

What a week!

Gee, golly! What a week it has been! Last tuesday I was working hard to get my portfolio together for an interview downtown for a possible internship in the summer. Wednesday came, and I drove downtown to be told "Welcome, when would you like to start!?" At this point I started working hard at figuring out my schedule and when I could graduate. On Friday I met with my graphic design hero, Micah Kandros. I learned some really awesome stuff from him. We met and had coffee at Crema downtown. On Friday night, my family took me out to celebrate and I watched videos and played games at my brothers. Saturday morning at 7 AM Daniel and I went to the flea market to look for props for my "Ballerina in a field" photo shoot with Tori. We ended up going to various vintage stores and garage sales, and the only thing I bought all day was a book. :)

After leaving Goodwill, Daniel told me he wanted to try one more store out. He said "Its only going to put us fifteen minutes behind." I wasn't too happy about it, because I was fighting the sunlight for my photo shoot. So we drove...fifteen minutes went by. I got stressed. "Ridgetop!?" I said. "I've never even been to Ridgetop! I have to go home!" We kept driving....
We pass a sign that welcomes us to Greenbrier. "Greenbrier!? There are kids riding four-wheelers across the main road!!" ...I get more upset. ... We keep on driving...  Welcome to Springfield... "You are stressing me out." I tell him. ... . . He says nothing. We finally pull up to a private property off a country road and I am absolutely positive his I-phone has given us the wrong directions, as we are sitting in front of a fenced in drive way. He gets out to open it....I dont know what to do. We drive down this long personal driveway and I say "Daniel, I DO NOT like this!" We get out of the car and he says..."Just go with it...Its a tree house..."
Well thats kind of nice. I think.

We walk over a swing bridge to a platform held up in a tree, hanging over the river. When he says he has a question for me...He gets down on one knee, and asks me to marry him. I almost faint. (I have been up for a while, I haven't eaten a lot, and I did just get down off of being angry..so I am feeling overwhelmed) ... I say YES. (of course)!

After that, we get to tour this fabulous tree house. The woman who owns it told us that the reason it got built was "My husband and I decided he was going to be eight years old, and I would be five." (how cute is that!?) It was a beautiful place, and so personal to her. She had a wall of puzzled tiles that her and her husband had worked together. This made me cry, as he died a year ago. So I got engaged. In a tree house!! YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE TREE HOUSES!!! Here are some pictures of my photos with Tori. And some other things