six years

These roses were given to me by my boyfriend of six years now. They smell so wonderful, and he made this arrangement himself. I can't believe how quickly time goes. He surprised me with Sophie after I cheered at a football game the week before Christmas two years ago. She has been the best animal I have ever owned. I came into my parents' house talking about how cold it had been on the field, and when I turned around to my boyfriend he was standing there holding a small fluffy black puppy dressed as a little elf.

This was Sophie dressed as an elf two years ago. She was such a cute puppy, and boy was I blonde..

Holly and Tensel.

My brother really loves decorating for Christmas. This is his house so far. My boyfriend and I went over to his house to relax and watch a movie while we enjoyed the decorations. We all watched Sex and the City 2, and I am pretty sure its safe to say that I will not be allowed to pick the movie for a while. Even I regretted my decision after the first ten minutes. 

More Thanksgiving pictures.

Very Edward Cullen-like.

Drift wood crafts.



 It was an overcast Thanksgiving in Nashville, but it was actually quite nice to step outside of the crowded houses into the fresh, crisp, cloudy outdoors. My cousin and I took advantage of being together again with nothing else to do. We took pictures. This seems to be our favorite past time. I also have my cousins in from Dallas, which is super nice! We are currently watching Eat, Pray, Love before we decide if we are going to fight the crowds and get out on black Friday. Here are the pictures Tori and I took...


My lovely cousin.

My cousin is a senior in high school, and I am a senior graphic arts major in college so when she needed her senior pictures done I jumped at the opportunity to have some fun with her and with my photo equipment. We found this amazing field that is actually private property. It was a little uncomfortable behind the scenes with all the bugs and itchy grass, but i really liked how they turned out. She had an awesome lace dress from middle school that still fit her,  so I picked that for her to wear. 

From the summer

Longboarding with my boy.

Franklin, TN

My best friend Lina and I did some vintage shopping in Franklin towards the end of summer. We got to walk around with Mark from the American Pickers show. He was a nice and charismatic guy.
Lina (Lie-nah) with Mark from American Pickers.