Color Spectrum.

Why Hello there! I thought I would share with you the wide range of colors I have enjoyed on my head in the past year. Here goes our journey...
P.S. This adventure has been sponsored by my roommate and fabuloso hair professional Brittney Hall.  brittneyhall70@msn.com
A natural-ish blonde...This would be a little bit lighter than what my hair looked like as a young girl frolicking in the fields and swinging on swing sets in the sunlight...

Blue eyes...Those would be a gift..I also have them in gold.

This is a natural look I went for at the beginning of the semester...you know that raccoon tail happened by itself.. the red as well. I lOVED this color..it just faded really fast. :(

RED! I loved the red, and it faded into a color that looked pretty close to my natural color, but once that happened I got bored.

Pretty and dark. This would be my natural hair color without sun. I like it a lot right now. Natural is always good, right? 

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