Some fond memories forever trapped in a photograph.

These are a few favorite moments that translate into some of my favorite pictures. 

 This was taken at night while longboarding with my best friend, Lina. It was one of those peaceful nights where nothing was stressing us out, and the October air was perfect.  The kind of night you have as a kid.

This is Union Station in Nashville. I had to go take pictures of the Frist Center for a graphic design project. I wasn't looking forward to walking around by myself, so when my parents offered to drive me and make a fun day out of it, I was quite relieved. It turned out to be a wonderful Sunday afternoon. We got lunch at Baja Fresh, and walked around together with our little dog. I wouldn't mind being frozen in these moments. 

This is a view from Rocky Top. I went camping with my brother, bf, and a group of our close friends. We decided to hike rocky top even though we had gotten a slightly late start. It ended up being the hardest hike of my life, and we were constantly being told the journey was longer and longer. We finally made it up here, and the hard journey was instantly forgotten. Thats kind of like life, isn't it? 

Union Station in Washington D.C.

So noisy and foreign and chaotic, but lovely at the same time. My parents and I were waiting for Taylor (my brother) to come pick us up in that line of cars. It would turn out to be a top 5 family trip. 

This is the camping trip again. This is my soon to be Sister-in-law's two sisters and their fiances. That sounds confusing, huh?

My cousin on Halloween. This was a very good Robin Hood costume. We had a small get together of close friends and family (8 or 9 people) and we played a murder mystery game. We all had pretty amazing costumes that we all made ourselves. 

Part of the tons of walking my family and I did while in D.C.

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