Valve Replacement.

My dad will be having open heart surgery on July 7th.
Please pray for his doctors and his recovery.
Thank you!


Tree Homes Tuesday.

It's that time again! Treehouse Tuesday! The inter web has been kind enough to uncover many fantastic candidates recently. The tree homes are becoming more and more magical! The forest is so lush and protective. I will be your real estate agent this afternoon showing you your options.

Here is your driveway:
Source: None via Lauren on Pinterest

If you need a little color in your forest life, then this is the best option for you!

I normally don't like cats and I realize this is random, but COME ON!!! Its adorable!

Ok, moving on from that distracting creature. . .

Maybe you host a lot of parties and would benefit from a tree-pavilion?

Gosh! These kittens are taunting me!! They come out of nowhere! Darn you and your cuteness!
((ok. thats a lie. This IS my blog post, after all. I did have to strategically place them. . .))


Summertime Rooftops.

Last night my fiance and a two of our friends decided to go on an adventure. We weren't sure what that adventure might be, so we got Italian Ice and hit up some "Urban Climbing." Urban Climbing is "Parkour for people who can't run", as Kyle put it. Planking was involved. We are kind of like grown up kids looking for something fun to do.  These photos are provided by Kyle. 

My fiance looking like a ninja. 


In the Forest.

This place is worthy of my fantasies. Huck Fin, meet Link in Kokiri Forest. You two get along now, because i will be using you both as inspiration. Little Sophie pup really enjoyed running around this place. 

You can push play if you want.


In my Imagination

Today was one of those days that I found my brain wondering off to unknown lands. I was listening to Nobuo Uematsu on the way home from work today and the clouds were so massive and structural looking that I started imagining they were cities. They looked sturdy enough to be on a foundation. I will post my real photos of this later. The Lord really gave a gift to the people who took the time to notice the beauty of them. Once I got home I couldn't shake the brain pattern of imagining millions of people living inside these clouds. This blog post is the result. Sometimes I just have to get stuff like this out of my brain. Today it is in the form of a blog post. It was about to be a painting, but I don't have time for that.. The painting in my mind is pretty sick though. Anyways, enjoy this post about crazy places that don't exist. YET.

If possible, go ahead and push play. You will enjoy your journey with some theme music:

Ok. On a general day, this is how I think:

Source: flickr.com via Lauren on Pinterest

But usually a girl version! :)

For all you non-fantasy people out there, here is a map: 

Source: tumblr.com via Lauren on Pinterest

The First stop on our journey is wonderland:
Alice seems to have found her way into the Queen's maze garden. . . poor alice.
Source: flickr.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Next, it seems, we have found our way into Fantasia. Looks kind of quiet today... 

On the outskirts of the major fantasy cities with castles lie the enchanted forests with tree houses, Navi, Le Si, and simple-minded serfs: 

Source: google.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Here we find Link, playing his Ocorina. I bet its a peaceful melody. Let's listen. . . .

Source: google.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Why did Link ever venture out of Kokiri Forest? What a dummy:

This is what I imagine the simple forest people to wear on a daily basis:

Every now and then in the fantasy world you may run into a Mega City! These are exciting times. You will only find them in places like Zanarkand, The Capitol (The Hunger Games), and Ratchet and Clank. So enjoy your visit to such a rare and beautiful place. 

Source: google.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Well, I feel much better. I hope you enjoyed your fake travel session. Feel free to book your vacation with me anytime! ;)


Taylor & Kristin's Wedding Day

This weekend my brother tied the knot! We had family in from out of town and had a great couple of days. I am exhausted so I can't imagine how the bride and groom feel. The wedding was absolutely stunning! Her dress. . . words cannot describe the beauty of it. I didn't take any pictures because I was so in-the-moment. These are the photos my dad took on the big day. Everything went pretty smoothly, if you exempt my episode during the ceremony. "What episode" you ask?  Well, let me just tell you:
I have never been a bride's maid before, so the little tid bit about not locking your knees. . .I didn't hear that until we were walking to the ceremony. Maybe I locked my knees, maybe I stopped breathing because I was concentrating on balancing. . . not really sure. What I do know is I started thinking it was really difficult standing up there, then the ringing started. The ringing got louder, like a bomb exploded close-range. My vision started to close in on me and my thought was "You have GOT to be kidding me". . . The next thought was "Lord, what lesson are you trying to teach me? Why are you going to have me pass out right now?" I started to fall, and the bridesmaid behind me, Emily, saved me. She pushed her bouquet into my back. From this point on I am not really aware of what was happening outside of my brain. I had decided I was NOT going to hit the ground in the middle of my brother's vows. So I fixed my eyes on Kristin's curls and prayed. I prayed the duration of the ceremony: "Please help me make it through this, Lord. Please do not let me fall in the middle of their special time." You know what?! I did NOT hit the ground. I won the inner battle. After the stumble, however, I do believe everyone was aware that I was in trouble. The glazed over stare was probably a dead give-away, if not the sweat that was pouring off of me by this point. My body had gone into freak-out mode and tried to cool me off. Thanks body. You really did a nice job on my hairdo. So other than that, the wedding was one of the most special days I have experienced. I love my brother and I love his new wife. She is so beautiful and classy. I am so proud of them both.


Have a (magical) Weekend

I will be extremely busy this weekend with my brother's wedding. EXCITING!! This weekend will most likely be mayhem. My family is coming into town, and I will be balancing family time, photo time, and bridesmaid time. Here is my itinerary: hair, makeup, get dressed, sweat, go with the flow, be told what to do, shower, fix my hair, do my makeup, get dressed, sweat, go with the flow... you get the picture. Right now I am supposed to be in the process of cleaning my room, going to the gym, and printing the programs at kinkos. . . What am I ACTUALLY doing? well. .. blogging.
So all I have time for right now is to say to you all: Have a HAPPY WEEKEND!! 

I must go accomplish the chaos.

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Makeup Reference

And Hair.

Or this. IF i can figure it out.

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Or this. . . One day..

Sorry mom.


Travel Tuesday

I may not be traveling, but I sure can dream. If I had the time and money to hop in my car and take a few items with me, I would go on a road trip right now. I would love to hike in Utah. Hopefully I would not get stuck between a rock and a hard place. After that I would like to longboard on the sidewalk on the West coast. Once I had seen enough of the beach, I would drive up to the Redwood National Park (of course). This is really my dream location. Massive trees to stand in awe of.
After that: Seattle, Canada..Norway? Why not?

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