Graphic Designs and Illustrations (inspiration)

I have not posted in a WHILE! I went to Colorado. It was absolutely beautiful, however, my cousin had a freak accident while snowboarding, and he suffered a very rare case of a near fatal fractured clavicle. His clavicle was dislocated and pushed behind his sternum causing severe danger to his heart valves, lunges, and major arteries. After this happened, we were all thrust back into the real world again of school, exams, and stress. Its taken me a while to get settled back down. But ALAS! I am here. I have been focusing a lot on my last semester as a Graphic Design student. I spend many hours a week finding beautiful and inspirational work. Here are some things I really enjoy... I will post a Colorado recap next...

Freehand type done with chalk on a chalk board wall! (very hard)

Jessica Hische illustrated type. 

Encaustic painting.

Ballerina created by writing custom scripts for Illustrator. 

So there ya go. Illustrated type, pink, and whimsy are all some of my favorite things.

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