Tree Homes Tuesday.

It's that time again! Treehouse Tuesday! The inter web has been kind enough to uncover many fantastic candidates recently. The tree homes are becoming more and more magical! The forest is so lush and protective. I will be your real estate agent this afternoon showing you your options.

Here is your driveway:
Source: None via Lauren on Pinterest

If you need a little color in your forest life, then this is the best option for you!

I normally don't like cats and I realize this is random, but COME ON!!! Its adorable!

Ok, moving on from that distracting creature. . .

Maybe you host a lot of parties and would benefit from a tree-pavilion?

Gosh! These kittens are taunting me!! They come out of nowhere! Darn you and your cuteness!
((ok. thats a lie. This IS my blog post, after all. I did have to strategically place them. . .))

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