Taylor & Kristin's Wedding Day

This weekend my brother tied the knot! We had family in from out of town and had a great couple of days. I am exhausted so I can't imagine how the bride and groom feel. The wedding was absolutely stunning! Her dress. . . words cannot describe the beauty of it. I didn't take any pictures because I was so in-the-moment. These are the photos my dad took on the big day. Everything went pretty smoothly, if you exempt my episode during the ceremony. "What episode" you ask?  Well, let me just tell you:
I have never been a bride's maid before, so the little tid bit about not locking your knees. . .I didn't hear that until we were walking to the ceremony. Maybe I locked my knees, maybe I stopped breathing because I was concentrating on balancing. . . not really sure. What I do know is I started thinking it was really difficult standing up there, then the ringing started. The ringing got louder, like a bomb exploded close-range. My vision started to close in on me and my thought was "You have GOT to be kidding me". . . The next thought was "Lord, what lesson are you trying to teach me? Why are you going to have me pass out right now?" I started to fall, and the bridesmaid behind me, Emily, saved me. She pushed her bouquet into my back. From this point on I am not really aware of what was happening outside of my brain. I had decided I was NOT going to hit the ground in the middle of my brother's vows. So I fixed my eyes on Kristin's curls and prayed. I prayed the duration of the ceremony: "Please help me make it through this, Lord. Please do not let me fall in the middle of their special time." You know what?! I did NOT hit the ground. I won the inner battle. After the stumble, however, I do believe everyone was aware that I was in trouble. The glazed over stare was probably a dead give-away, if not the sweat that was pouring off of me by this point. My body had gone into freak-out mode and tried to cool me off. Thanks body. You really did a nice job on my hairdo. So other than that, the wedding was one of the most special days I have experienced. I love my brother and I love his new wife. She is so beautiful and classy. I am so proud of them both.

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