Have a (magical) Weekend

I will be extremely busy this weekend with my brother's wedding. EXCITING!! This weekend will most likely be mayhem. My family is coming into town, and I will be balancing family time, photo time, and bridesmaid time. Here is my itinerary: hair, makeup, get dressed, sweat, go with the flow, be told what to do, shower, fix my hair, do my makeup, get dressed, sweat, go with the flow... you get the picture. Right now I am supposed to be in the process of cleaning my room, going to the gym, and printing the programs at kinkos. . . What am I ACTUALLY doing? well. .. blogging.
So all I have time for right now is to say to you all: Have a HAPPY WEEKEND!! 

I must go accomplish the chaos.

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Makeup Reference

And Hair.

Or this. IF i can figure it out.

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Or this. . . One day..

Sorry mom.

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