Treehouse Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, which means it is a day to celebrate trees and people who make homes of them! Actually, I randomly decided that Tuesdays would be a good day for tree tributes... Prepare to be amazed. 

I love the mushrooms in the front. 

This tree house is so cozy that a family could be playing scrabble inside right now!

It looks like my painting! The painting that I sold to a history professor who thought it was wonderful! She said "It looks like fairies could fly out from behind the trees". . . I was amazed at how right she was!

Super creative coat rack! (or hooded-cape rack if you are an Ewok) 

Salt and Pepper shakers!! :) 

Indoor Treehouse!?!? Heck yea!

The only bad thing about a tree house right now. . . Cicadas. They would most definitely disturb your normally peaceful habitat. Sure you would be gifted by a humming lullaby, but you may also be gifted with these creepers in your bed with you. . .
Maybe its best to stick to the indoor treehouse at least for the next month. :)

1 comment:

  1. I love the first picture. Very video game-like. I might need to visit that place.