Enchanted Forrest/Fairytale Wedding

I have a love for tree houses, design, luxe details, and girly accents. Why not combine them all.  I cant find one wedding that has everything I am looking for, so I am just going to have to assemble it to my liking.  It would be a combination of cinderella, peter pan, vintage, crafts, and my fiance looking dapper and Prince Charming-like in is officer uniform.

Maybe add some Fern Gully in the mix.

Lothlorian. Lord of the Rings. What? It is no geekier than Bright Tree Villiage, is it?

Now bring on the lace long sleeves!!

Lace sleeves. 

Grace Kelly

The shoes I just purchased. . . now its time to add some pizazz.

Peony Boquete. My favorite flower.

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