Hatch Show Print. Reason 236 for why it's good to live in Music City.

How is it that I have grown up in Nasvhille and never been inside Hatch Show Print?  Even worse is the fact that I am about to be a graduate in Graphic Design without having ever been to Hatch Show Print? ...until today!  Today I took a short field trip during a lunch break with coworkers, and it. was. AWESOME! The wall of type is drool-worthy.  The only downside is having to pick just a few.  Perfectly priced from 8 to 25 bucks, you want to take home all of them.  So if you are not from Nashville (or even if you are) and you happen to be on Broadway, I recommend you pick up a poster.  

The beginning of my collection! 

Nashville flood relief.

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