Propensity to Procrastinate.

So. . . I should be writing my 10 page research paper on Peruvian textiles, but didn't you just get bored reading that? yea. I cringe when I glance over at my stack of plain, red, 1940's books about the textiles from Peru. Since I am procrastinating, I am using this time to imagine myself in some awesome 2006 Balenciaga wedges and pink hair. :) I will tackle the paper soon enough. I will tell myself I am learning something and become an intelligent art critic by writing this paper. Eventually I will find that interesting. . . Here are the things that are currently distracting me. 

By Fashiontoast

The Balenciaga harness wedge. Price unknown. Ebay price is times three of whatever the unknown price is due to impossibility of finding them. Via 2006 runway. 

The Sam Edelman harness wedge. $200 on amazon. . . 

Pink hair inspired or from Charlotte Ronson runway.

Balenciaga or Sam Edelman? I honestly think its the latter. I know she owns the Balenciaga pair, but how long can a shoe last on an Olsen twin? 

I should probably wear this to my senior show. . .

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