Hopefully we never grow too old to play dress up.

 Why Ello'. Today I thought I would share with you a fondness I have for dressing up.  This is a slight history lesson of my cousin and I's relationship that is more similar to a sisterly bond.  Now, luckily for you, Its not a boring history lesson. I HAVE PICTURES!!! party. So it all began, most likely, with the amount of time we spent together.  When two little girls get bored of playing barbies for five hours, what is left to do? Well, the answer includes: 
A. Build a fort.
B. Go outside and seek adventure in the wild
C. Swim
D. Play dress-up
Since the other options are not as readily available due to inclement weather or lack of parent cooperation,  the majority of the time we found ourselves knee deep in tulle, sparkles, makeup, and accessories. We even made some videos that tended to get pretty involved. Here goes the story.

Here is me. I am all dressed up during my final critique for senior project. It was a happy day that felt like that last day before graduation in high school. You are so joyful and excited, but you realize that you and your classmates are about to go separate ways.  Change is in the air. Bittersweet Symphony plays in your headphones, as you breathe in a breath of courage to face the unknown without the comfort of the surroundings you inhabited for the previous four years. . . thats what it felt like

This is Tori and I playing dress up. She was a hollywood star, and I was her jungle cat.  I am pretty sure I tried to get her to be the pet cat, since she was four years younger and significantly smaller, but it just would not have been Tori to say yes to something like that.

Now we are much older, and can coordinate colors and fabrics much more successfully. We did, in fact, take the time out of our day to drag all of this supplies into the woods to do this. There was absolutely no point, other than to end up with a set of forrest pictures.  I mean, cmon', surely by now you all KNOW how much I love a good tree.

TREE ALERT!!! I am proud to say, that the tree in this picture is in my backyard. It was supposed to be the location of a treehouse that my dad was going to build for my brother and I, but he never got around to it.  He did, however fix up so many swings, that one (such as myself) could never grow tired of the options gracefully hanging from the limbs.


Well, looky there! Its me as a child, enjoying one of the wonderful swings! This love for trees started young. Regular tree swings would not do. I believe this version was a  zip line.  Yup! You read it right, we had a zip line in our backyard.  I was also good at winding up the swing, flipping upside down, and unravelling as fast a ladle.  That other cutie pa-tootie is my cousin Shane. 

"Oh, BROTHERrrr." said Charlie Brown.  Here is an illustration I did of my brother as I dressed and Ninjy Turtles.  We have a picture of this, but I did this from my head.  We were always dressing up as turtles and fighting with foam swords and nun chucks.  I decided to give myself a stuffed animal from the video game "Little Big Planet" only because those guys are so darn cute. 

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