Inspiration...AKA I should be studying, but instead Im looking at pretty things.

Hello. I promise I am not already planning my wedding.  I just can't help but research dresses and shoes, in case I come across a couple during my deal scouting of shopping trips. What if I find the PERFECT whisper pink satin shoe? Or the perfect white satin shoe in which I can paint to bottoms blue. :) and YES. I will do it myself. I will feature a DIY on this when I find the perfect pair...I have various shoes that I have found for (five, ten, and fifteen) low dollar amounts and painted the soles a beautiful, shiny, red. I was stopped in Whole Foods one time and told "woa. those are beautiful shoes...I saw them from the opposite side of the aisle.." :) I had an inner celebration, because they were, quite possibly, the cheapest pair of shoes in my closet. (Happy Dance). 
Anyways, here are some things I find beautiful, and hope to draw inspiration from when the wedding planning does, officially, commence. 

I WILL have a fairy flower girl. Wouldn't she look cute in a tree house? ;)
There is more after the break. . . 

All I can think about is..."Hmmm..that looks expensive..."

I love the marketing of the new BHLDN line from Anthrapologie, but honestly, this is the only dress I actually like when you take away the rest of the website. And its...a lovely thirteen hundred dollars. For some layers of lace...and sparkly bodice. 

This dress is hand made and can be purchased on Etsy... now I just don't know about that...I do believe I would like to try it on first...

I like those flower, I love those flower, hey. . . I Really like these flowers.

If you look closely.. you may notice these soles appear photoshopped...bunch a cheaters. Which means, they probably don't photograph as blue as they'd like... Well.. luckily for me...I don't need their skills...cuz I got my own. 

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