Catching Up

Blogging has been on the back burner in my life for a while now due to a long list of reasons. The time has come to play catch up. Daniel and I got married in September and we have been super busy with home renovations, our new dog, adventures, family, work, etc. . . We have been living sans internet and cable for 4 months and I have loved every minute of it. Without cable I have grown to love our house projects, redbox, and the 10 channels our antenna picks up, but ALAS we are now all wired up with both.

Here are 10 things I am really loving about life right now:

1. This morning I realized I left my coffee mug in the car, and before I could even get out into the rain to go get it, Daniel was bringing it to me. . . It was an "I love having a husband moment"

2. I hung three ikea racks under our kitchen cabinets to hang all of our heavily used pots and pans. It is super functional and I love having them exposed.

3. Our puppy (Emma Stone) absolutely loves every toy we buy her. She is awesome at entertaining herself for hours as we do other things. I didn't even know dogs like her existed in the world.

4. I have a new job at work, and I love it.

5. Still sitting at the "kid table" during large family get-togethers even though everyone at the "kid table" is over 18

6. Learning to cook. Every time I successfully make something I am in shock and awe, because I am not a cook. . .ask my old roommate. . . it was bad. Last night Daniel and I ate tilapia with zucchini pasta. No noodles. . . just grated Zucchini. It rocked.

7. My bangs. With bangs, I feel like I can get away with murder. (not really) I go days without wearing makeup and I still feel ok about it because half my face is covered anyways. . . WIN.

8. Sleeping. Due to the fact that the hubs and I have both had pesky colds for about a week.

9. Our skullcandy Ipod dock. It has the best sound, and makes washing dishes 10x more fun. We are living sans dishwasher, but I actually don't mind the simplicity of it.

10. Our house–We have slowly (and furiously) been turning our 1973 ranch house into our own little masterpiece. Everything was original. Whit walls, wood trim, rose carpet with hard wood underneath, wallpaper, squeaky windows, and old brass. Needless to say, a little bit has gone a long way in this house, and it is awesome.

Here is a quick photo catch up. Nothing profound here. Just updates.

Our Woodland Wedding:

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  1. Wow, love catching up - congrats on the wedding - pictures look amazing! You are so beautiful together!