Climb, Jump the Crevice, Get Lost, but Don't Look Down.

A definition of what it means to slack line as provided by Kyle:

 "Living in the moment, being immersed in the wilderness, challenging your body, developing your mind, confronting, controlling, and conquering one’s fear of death, and the pure, true, and honest unbridled feeling of freedom to do what you want is the foundation supporting the Slacklife."

Yesterday we had planned to go to Center Hill and enjoy a day on the lake, but we changed our minds and went to Chattanooga instead. We went climbing at a place called Stone Fort (LRC). While Kyle and Daniel trained in the technique of rock climbing–Tori, Matt, and I trained our minds to "get to the top by any means possible." The three of us were sloppier than the duo of technical praying mantisses, but we had just as much fun in our journey to the lost world of rocks that all look the same after a while. We got lost and found ourselves on a very tall cliff with no way down other than backwards.

We decided a research study is needed to determine how much effort one puts into jumping over a gap when the drop is small, compared to when the drop would be deadly. What causes your brain to determine a skip is all of the sudden way more challenging than you remember, and how do you surpress that tendency? Should you learn to surpress it? Just some questions I found myself asking yesterday.

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