Today I went canoeing for the first time. Joining me on this adventure were four friends I gained while in the graphic design program at school. We graduated together, and haven't seen each other since last May. I couldn't have asked for a better day. We barely even rowed for fear of our time together being over too quickly. Our canoes floated slowly down the river while we talked and caught up with each other's lives. We laughed about how young we all look, followed by some college kids floating by and asking us how old we were. I guess we were right. Two of us got lost along the way, but it added to the adventure. The weather was beautiful, the water was beautiful, the open field we found was beautiful. I'd be okay if I had to do this every day, but I am thankful for just the one.

This field looked like Hyrule field from The Legend of Zelda. We stopped to run wild and free in the flowers and grass. 

See you guys soon! 

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