Vintage Plaid is Hunting Plaid.

This curiosity in vintage plaid began the other night while I was watching Me & Orson Welles. I was slightly captivated by the unique "buffalo plaid" in orange and brown that Zac Effron is wearing. I wanted to know where it came from. . .

 Then, BAM! Thor: The god of Thunder himself in a very similar coat! Diversity? Yes!

I began thinking the only thing that would make this more impressionable was if Ryan Gosling wore it. .

After much "googling" came up blank, I turned to my father. I asked "What is this plaid!?"
His answer: "That is vintage. We used to wear that to hunt. It was thought that deer couldn't see it, but the hunters couldn't either cuz people still got killed.  I used to own some of those"

Of course he did.

where are they now?


Oh well. . . Let's move forward. So the only place I can find this coat in any color other
than "lumberjack red/black" is on ebay. I bet they smell vintage. . So if questionable ebay attire is not your thing, here are some more vintage and current hunting looks. Brought to you in very expensive forms. JCrew is clearly getting on the bandwagon:

You can purchase this here. For $749. . .

Filson: The prestigious goods. The real goods. The durable goods. 

Maybe you aren't much of a hunter? Don't worry. You can wear it to do other things:

I was going to ask you to inform me if you find them in a store, but Daniel isn't too fond of this burnt orange buffalo plaid. Sad day. Im over it. The movies can keep their costumes. 

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