Forest Fashion: Hoods, Capes, and Knits.

As the summer heat swelters on, I dream of a colder time. I dream of crisp air that I can breathe in without drowning on the humidity. With these dreams of cooler weather come dreams of fall fashion. The layers of coziness to keep you warm on your walk to work. One of the things I am lacking is a good hood. Designers skimp in the hood region. Have you ever noticed? How many jackets do you own that have a hood too small to actually cover your head? I know I have many. It angers me. Size matters as far as hoods go. Go big or go home. USE MORE FABRIC! A small hood is like buying a bike without brakes. You can use it, but when things get intense you realize you could really use that extra component.
Ok. . .So maybe its not that bad. At least a jacket sans hood doesn't kill you, but you get the idea. If nobody caters to my larger-than-life hood needs, then I will be forced to make one myself. I NEED to be completely concealed from the Ringwraiths when they come looking for the "One Ring to Rule Them All". . . Here is my collection of great hoods:

 So now you have the hood covered. What comes next? Find out!

Keep your calves toasty and feel tall at the same time.

See!? SO many great uses for a hood. You can carry small creatures.

He had it down. He knew what was up!

Small creatures like this. . . Oh Sophie, you better watch out this October 31st. . .that's all I can say.

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