Its my favorite time of the year!

I love the cold, and I love snow. I love layering my clothes with multiple different textures and fabrics. I love the coziness and the family time. All I have to do now is wait for the temperature to actually drop low enough to enjoy the layers, textures and indoor fires. The Christmas ads have started, and my tree is up in my apartment. I have spent the past week helping cousins, my brother, and my friends decorate for the season. I love that everyone has their own personal style of Christmas decorations.  My cousin (above) has a great rustic and masculine Christmas tree. I think the most difficult part for me is deciding which one style to go with for the whole month (or two). My roomie and I have declared a December #1 and December #2, due to our overzealous date in which we began the process... We now have snowflakes hanging from our ceiling, which I love. It is very much an "Elf" thing. One set back to decorating this early would be the lack of motivation to leave my apartment. Its not even cold outside (64 degrees at night) and I still cant find many reasons to leave to comfort of my warmly lit and pine smelling cave. This is not a good thing seeing as how I am still very much involved in my senior year of college as a graphic design student...

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